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Alien Human Spirit


In addition to demons, there appears to be another kind of volitional creature that can invade our lives. This is an introductory study of how to detect and evict these intruders.

This is a six CD set.

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Deliverance was simple back in the 80s. Everything stemmed from bitterness so we forgave everyone and everything until our forgiver was plumb worn out.

Our naiveté took a big hit when we discovered that it wasn’t just bitterness but any sort of sin that could open the door to demons. Then it was sin, rebellion and iniquity each of which had to be dealt with as a distinct class.

Today we look at sin, demons, curses, covenants, demonic devices, defilement on time, land, and our names, trauma bonds to time, portions of our spirit in the dimensions, and D.I.D., etc. Yet after developing hundreds of techniques for endless facets of the above dynamics, the harsh reality is that some of the people we minister to don’t get freedom even though they try as hard as anyone else to jump through the designated hoops.

This teaching album explores another kind of defilement – a volitional creature that is distinct from a demon. Many different practitioners have bumped up against these spirits and there are sundry theories and ideas out there about what these might be. I have created a grid to begin to understand the spiritual and physical dynamics of the problem.

This is a vintage Sapphire teaching. It is not the final word on the subject. Rather, it is an attempt to bring this issue out of the shadows into the living room so we can have a robust discussion in the Body of Christ about how to go forward.

I share my journey over the last ten years as I went from denial that this could be possible, to a grudging acknowledgement that it must be, to some level of competence in recognizing the symptoms of this other kind of spirit.

There are many practitioners who have bumped up against these creatures without quite having a frame of reference for what they are and how we deal with them. By sharing my observations and the stories of freedom for different people, it will give us a beginning place for enlarging our collective understanding of the dynamic.

What is particularly fascinating to me is that this breed of spirit is highly involved in physical malfunction. When symptomology does not fit the standard medical profile, and when medical treatment does not result in good health, and when healing prayers go nowhere, it is a clue that you might be dealing with this genre of spirit.

So jump in and explore. I guarantee that this will stretch your theology. I also guarantee that this is not the last word on the subject, only the first.

This is a six CD set.