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An MRI of Fathering


This is a tool for HR directors to help them screen prospective employees by identifying their father issues in the interview process, in an inoffensive manner.

This is a two CD set.

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Everyone you hire has father issues. And those issues will impact the way they fit into your company. The Type B father wounds – where bad things happened to them – are often well identified by the applicant, and they are working on the consequences of those bad things.

The bigger issue is the Type A father wounds. When the father has been absent in fact, or merely has been inactive in his fathering style, your applicant will be affected by the lack of fathering but will probably be unaware of the implications in his life and his work.

There are seven facets of fathering that every person needs to experience. These CDs are designed to be used by the HR director to enable him or her to weave a series of innocuous questions into the standard interview.

The resulting “MRI” will enable you to make an informed decision about where your candidate will fit. Not every fathering deficit will disqualify someone from employment, although it might disqualify them from some team or another.

Knowing the reality of their undeveloped life, you can position them to shine in the area of their strength, while buffering their inadequacies.

This tool would also help therapists understand some of the areas their clients struggle with. The Type B wounds shout and get all the attention, but without the Type A deficiencies being addressed, the person who has been healed of their trauma won’t get traction in life.

And outside professional circles, any individual could use these tools to assess themselves or their family members. It is framed for use in the marketplace, but the principles are universal, so can be used everywhere.

This is a two CD set.