Birthright Vergrößern



This album explores the dynamics of discovering what your birthright is and then crafting your life to achieve that goal.

This is a ten CD set.

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Birthright is a great religious word. People of all streams of the faith are comfortable using the word.

Nonetheless, familiarity with a word is not the same as familiarity with a concept. Few people can definitively say what their birthright is or describe what they are doing to possess it.

This CD album is the audio from the hugely successful video series we did. It begins with a discussion of what a birthright is, then looks at a series of Biblical stories that show how we can lose or damage our birthright.

There is one CD dedicated to the little known problem of alien birthrights – someone else’s birthright in your life that does not belong there.

Then there is the good news of how to repair the damage and how to make strategic choices in your life so that you will be continually moving toward the goal of possessing your birthright.

This album is all about your having the perspective to leverage the life you are living into a better place.

This is a ten CD set.